Friday, May 24, 2013

Day One - I made it!

  It's the end of day one of my no yelling challenge. The kids are tucked sweetly and safely in bed. Let me tell you, having a preteen is trying! Lol. I came close to yelling twice today. I have 2 girls and a boy. We will call the oldest girl Big, the middle girl Little, and the baby boy Baby for the sake of not using their real names and embarrassing them royally! ;)

  So remember I said there were two almost yells today? The first time was because Big didn't want to let Little into the room they share. Little went in to get something and Big was telling her to just get out and leave her alone. Now, I get preteens need their alone time, but Little hasn't been home for a few days, so Big has had plenty of alone time. When I asked her why Little wasn't allowed in, she said Little was too annoying, and asked too many questions. As I was trying to point out that she did the same thing at that age she began to talk over me and tell me she didn't care, she just wanted her to go. I *almost* yelled. I took some deep breaths though, and made it through. We had a talk about respect. And about how that is Little's room just as much as it is hers, and she has plenty of other spots in the house she could go for some alone time, but she can't kick little out of her room. I think she understood, and I'm sure it was much easier to listen to me since I wasn't yelling at her. Go Mom! ;)

  Time number two was when I repeatedly asked Little to stop picking up Baby. She is far far too small to pick him up properly and she's almost dropped him numerous times. Well, I went to grab Baby his snack and what did Little do? She picked up Baby, and he slipped out of her arms. He was crying and I was angry. Why couldn't she just listen? I took a deep breath. Baby is fine. He stopped crying after a second. What was yelling going to do? I had yelled at her in the past to not pick him up and clearly she's still doing it. I could tell she felt awful, so I just sat and talked with her again about all the reasons I didn't want her to pick up Baby. It wasn't because I wanted to ruin her fun, or because she's not a big girl. It was because it just wasn't safe, and no one wants Baby to get hurt. She gave me a hug, and we shared a moment. A moment we wouldn't have had if I had yelled. Maybe she'll think twice next time? Probably not, but I hold out hope!

  Day one down. 364 to go. Off to a good start!

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