Friday, May 24, 2013

Well Hello!

Hello out there. This blog was actually started back in 2007. My Mommy group friends and I all had one. We would all check up on what was going on with each other through our blogs. I was a terrible blogger. I never managed to find the time to write a blog, and when I did the first 3 lines were explaining why I sucked at blogging, lol. Well, that's all about to change.

My name is Jen. I am the mother to 3 beautiful children. I am the wife to the best husband a girl could ask for. I am also a photographer. For the most part life is good. 

In the last few weeks I have read blogs of many mothers who are trying to change the way they parent. I have been inspired, and that is what I intend to do. Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing relationship with my kids, and I love them to pieces. However, I'm busy. I mean really busy. I don't get enough time to take care of myself and in the last few years I have found myself becoming more and more of a  *gasp* Yeller. I grew up in a house where everyone yelled, about everything, all the time! I vowed I would not become that kind of a mother, and I did well keeping that vow. Until, life got crazy. Recently I have realized myself yelling more frequently, and that is just not the type of mom I want to be to my children. So here I am, on a journey to change that. 

This is day one of what I intend to be a 365 no yelling challenge. I know it won't be easy, but I'm going to do everything in my power every single day to not yell. Not even once. To let my children be children, and make mistakes and messes. I hope you will follow along on this journey, though the point of this blog is just for me to have a place to track myself. To watch my progress and document the other things that I am sure will change when the yelling in our home stops. 

So what about you? Do you have something you'd like to change? Also a yeller? Less distractions? More outings? Whatever it may be, I hope you take this journey with me. We all have to start somewhere, and I am starting right here. 

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Jen is a mother to three beautiful children. She is a wife to an amazing husband. She is a photographer for a living and in her free time (haha) she loves to read.